Wrongful Death Of A Toddler: How A Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice

Did you lose your toddler after his or her physician prescribed the wrong medication for a minor health condition? Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit with the help of a lawyer will not only help you get justice for your child, but it can prevent another parent from experiencing the same thing with the negligent physician. Find out in this article how a lawyer will handle your medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent physician who is responsible for the death of your child.

Trucker Prep: Causes Of Truck Accidents & Tips To Prevent One

The road can be dangerous, which makes preparation of the utmost importance. Still, no matter how much you prepare, you may still be in an accident, but there are a few things you can do to decrease your chances. The following are a few common causes of truck accidents and tips to prevent them.  Common Accident-Causing Issues The following are just a few things that you should pay attention to as a truck driver which have been noted as factors in truck-related accidents:

What To Say (And What Not To Say) After An Auto Accident

When you've just been in a car accident, it can be pretty hard to even form a coherent thought. However, an auto accident is exactly the time that it is most important to think on your feet. While it is completely normal to feel upset and angry (especially if the other driver tries to claim that you're responsible), it is best to carefully control what you say immediately following the accident.

Are You A Victim Of A Sorority Or Fraternity Hazing?

Fraternity and sorority hazing rituals -- the act of subjecting new initiates to extreme, degrading, or physically punishing treatment as part of their induction into the organization -- were supposed to have stopped happening sometime after the 1978 movie "Animal House" stopped being popular. Unfortunately, fraternity and sorority hazing still happens, and young men and women get seriously injured as a result. If you're a victim of hazing, what should you know?

Pushing For VA Payments During Pain And Suffering

After leaving the military, many service members deal with the legendary--even infamous--Veterans Affairs (VA) process. Difficulties with paperwork, delays and disagreements with disability claims can create stress for years, but the culture has grown into a "hurry up and wait" attitude as you wait for a decent decision. If you're dealing with pain, it's hard to stay patient, especially if pain or disability steps directly into your moneymaking potential. Consider a few ways to make the VA process a lot more smooth for you and even more likely to succeed.