3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney Immediately After An Auto Accident

Hiring a lawyer might not be an immediate priority for you after you have a car accident. You might think that you can wait to see how the other driver's insurance company deals with your case. However, you should consider retaining legal help as soon as possible after the accident. Why is this a good idea?

1. Avoid Problems With Lost Evidence

Evidence at the scene of an auto accident can affect any claim you make. For example, investigators can use tire marks to prove fault. However, this kind of evidence isn't automatically collected at every accident site. It also won't be available for long. You might need this evidence down the line to show that the accident was the other driver's fault. If you don't have it, then your claim could be more difficult to prove.

If you hire an attorney immediately, then they will ensure that you have a record of any applicable evidence from the site. This evidence can also speed up the claims process and get you the best settlement.

2. Get Timely Witness Reports

If someone witnessed your accident, then they might have agreed to give evidence on your behalf if you need them to. You might have exchanged details so that you can contact them in the future. However, you might not need to ask them to give evidence of what they saw for a long time. At this point, they might have forgotten key details. They might not help your case as much as you hoped.

If you talk to an attorney early in the process, then they can take witness statements. This ensures that you have all the details you need later. Plus, witness statements that show that the other driver was at fault might persuade an insurance company to make a faster settlement.

3. Minimize Insurance Company Pressure

The other driver's insurance company might start to contact you quickly after your accident. They might put pressure on you to accept a settlement amount. However, you might not know if they have given you a fair offer. You might take the first offer you get because the insurance company is persuasive and persistent.

If you have an attorney at this stage, then they deal with the insurance company and its lawyers. You don't have this extra stress. Plus, your lawyer will have more experience with settlement offers. They can negotiate a better deal if your first offer isn't fair.

To get the help you need, contact an auto accident attorney as soon as you can.