Do Past Tickets Affect Car Injury Settlement?

Being involved in a car accident can change your quality of life significantly. Maybe you won't work for some time or participate in your favorite activities. Besides, you'll need to seek medical treatment for your injuries, which may take up all or a significant part of your savings. Opting to file a claim with the help of car accident attorneys can get you out of the financial stress. 

But what if you have a traffic offense history? Maybe a few months or years ago, you got a ticket and paid the fine, which went on your driving record. As you pursue the car injury claim, you might wonder if this will affect the process. Here is what you should know to safeguard your right to compensation.

Can Prior Tickets Affect the Claim Settlement?

Most people who have a vast history of traffic offenses usually get worried when it's time to file a claim, and your case might not be different. The truth is that you're entitled to get compensation for injuries or damages caused by a car collision, even if you have a record of traffic offenses. 

However, the at-fault party's insurance company may try to use those prior criminal traffic violations against you. Most criminal traffic tickets are given to drivers after incidents like careless driving, hit and run, trying to leave accident scenes, illegal racing, driving when the license is expired, or driving under the influence. They will aim to reduce the settlement amount or fail to pay.

How Do You Protect Your Rights?

If you notice the at-fault's party insurance provider is trying to use a prior traffic ticket to discredit your claim, you shouldn't accept it and move on. The chances are that they'll dig up the old records to show the court that you aren't a good driver and that the claim should be denied or reduced. Others may argue that past accidents caused your injuries, not the most recent one.

Getting a car accident lawyer to help you fight this battle will increase your chances of getting your settlement. These lawyers know the tactics insurance companies use to evade paying compensations and will create better strategies to discredit them. 

They will also provide evidence (photos, videos, police reports, witnesses, and medical reports) to prove that you actually got injured or your car was damaged, but you weren't at fault.

So, make sure to hire an experienced car accident lawyer to handle your case instead of proceeding with the claim on your own. They will present the evidence and create counterarguments to fight all the tricks the insurance company uses.