Disability Benefits That Can Affect Your SSDI Benefits

If you receive Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits, you may also be working a job and have this as another source of income. When you have a source of income, this can affect your Social Security Disability benefits. However, this depends on the source of your income.

Private Disability Benefits

If you receive your disability benefits from a private pension or through private insurance benefits, you will not see this affecting your SSDI benefits. However, one type of private insurance benefit that might reduce your SSDI benefits is workers' compensation. 

Workers' compensation provides benefits to those who have been injured on the job. If you are unable to work because of your disability, you may be eligible both for workers' compensation and SSDI benefits.

Workers' compensation benefits most often come from private insurance providers. However, they can also come from state or federal worker compensation agencies. Regardless of where your benefits come from, you will want to speak with a Social Security Disability attorney to make sure that you can receive the benefits you need.

While you might be eligible for both sets of benefits, you may not be eligible for the full amount of each set of benefits at the same time. Your SSDI benefits can be reduced through what is known as a workers' compensation offset. You are not allowed to receive more than 80% of what you would receive if you were fully employed. This is to provide you with an incentive to work if you are able to.

Public Disability Benefits

The type of benefits that are more likely to affect your Social Security is public disability benefits. These are paid by state, federal, and local governments. When you are applying for public benefits, you'll want to speak with a Social Security Disability attorney because there are some public benefits that do not affect your Social Security benefits. These include Veteran's Administration benefits and supplemental security income. However, there may be a way you're able to apply for SSDI and maximize your benefits with the help of an attorney.

Working with a Social Security Disability Attorney

Make sure to inform your attorney about any changes that occur related to your disability claim. Report whether you experience an increase or decrease in payments. Any changes will affect the amount of your Social Security Disability benefits. Experiencing a sudden change in your benefits can be difficult to grapple with, but there is always something you can do.

To learn more, contact a Social Security Disability attorney.