Three Common Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

There are many mistakes that people make after a car accident. The following are three of the most common and significant.

You fail to contact the police

Too often a person has an auto accident that is seemingly just a fender bender. The damage to your car or the other driver's car is minimal. So there is no reason to call the police, but this assumes that you are not hurt. If you are the least bit injured you need to contact the police, so there is a record of the accident. If the damage is significant but you can drive your car away, it may be tempting to do so, especially if you have already exchanged information with the other driver, but this is a mistake. Call the police, and be patient for them to arrive. You may need a police report for an attorney.

You fail to see a doctor

With the adrenaline flowing, you may not notice that you are hurt. You need to make sure you're all right, at least to the eye. If you are with a passenger, then make sure they look at you for any obvious issues. You need to take a look at your passengers as well. It is possible to be fine, but someone in your car may be hurt. Also, it is entirely possible for you to have an injury that is not readily apparent. If, later in the day, you start to feel pain or perhaps dizziness, then see a doctor right away. The longer you wait to get medical attention, the greater the chance that you will not be able to get compensation for you injuries.

You fail to contact your insurance company

This happens all of the time. And the main reason for it is that people think they don't need to contact their insurance company if the accident was the other driver's fault. But the problem with this is that you don't know what the other driver is going to do or say. To your amazement, you may find out that the other driver is claiming that the accident was your fault. Of course, you find this out from your own insurance company. The same insurance company you failed to inform about the accident. Let your insurance company know that you have been in an accident and give them all of the details. It is possible that you may end up filing a claim with your own insurance company. One example of this situation would be if you find out the other driver's insurance had expired, and he was driving without a policy.

If you find yourself in an accident that doesn't seem to be too serious, keep the three ideas listed above in mind, and you are not likely to make a mistake that you will regret later.