Two Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

It's important that you're attentive to your actions and comments in the moments after a car accident. Sometimes, something that is seemingly insignificant can actually have a negative effect on your case. Here are a few tips to help you avoid some common mistakes that might cost you later.

Always Get Evaluated By First Responders

It's tempting to dismiss the first responders as unnecessary, especially if you're not really feeling like anything was significantly hurt. Unfortunately, if you don't get the evaluation and then delayed symptoms of soft tissue injury develop later, you won't have a baseline medical assessment to reference.

In some cases, the other driver's insurance company may try to argue that you couldn't be hurt that badly if you didn't get evaluated on the scene. He or she may even try to claim that your injuries were the result of something that occurred after the accident since there's no medical evaluation on file. Since some injuries don't appear until later, it's best to be safe and have everything documented at the scene. That way, if there are any potential signs of injury that you don't notice, the first responders may recognize them and record them for you.

Don't Leave It All To The Insurance Company

You might think that once you file the claim with the insurance company, that's all you have to do. The truth is, you shouldn't be so hands-off with your claim. Insurance companies often look to settle claims for the least that they can, because the lower payouts will increase their profits. To ensure that you get a fair settlement, don't leave it all to the adjuster. Talk with an auto accident attorney before you file the claim.

The attorney can negotiate with the insurance company to help you get a settlement that is fitting for your damages. He or she can also help you understand what your legal rights are in terms of information disclosure, medical record releases and other details. If you have to give a deposition, he or she will attend to be sure that the questions asked are legally appropriate.

Many drivers find that the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. In some cases, this leads to mistakes that can be costly for the claim. With the tips presented here, you'll be able to avoid two of the common mistakes that drivers can make. For more tips, talk with a car crash attorney as soon as possible after your accident.