3 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney When Your Dog Bites Someone

One of the most frightening experiences that you, as a dog owner, can experience is finding out that your dog has bitten someone, mostly because of the many penalties that you can experience as a result. When your dog bites someone you can often be subjected to large fines, lawsuits, and even having to put your beloved pet down. Listed below are three reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer after your dog has bitten someone.


The first thing that your attorney will try to prove if you are being sued or facing the possibility of putting your dog down because he or she bit someone is that your dog was provoked somehow. While there are a number of reasons that a dog may bite someone, there are a few reasons that can be used to protect you and your dog.

For example, if the person who was bitten was being unusually aggressive toward you or your dog, that can be used to show that your dog was being provoked. Dogs are extremely protective animals, so if it looks like someone is about to attack or strike you, the dog will often jump in to protect you. In addition, if the dog is being pushed, hit, or having things thrown at him or her, it can count as a provocation and can be used to strengthen your case.


Another thing that your attorney can try to prove in order to help you protect yourself from a lawsuit or save your dog's life is that your dog was afraid or startled when he or she bit someone. When a dog is startled or afraid, he or she will often react instinctively in order to protect his- or herself, which some states will allow as an acceptable reason for the dog to bite. An example of your dog being afraid and biting could include someone rushing up behind the dog on foot or on a bike and scaring him or her. 


Finally, an attorney can also attempt to help you win your case by claiming that your dog only bit someone because he or she was in pain. For example, if your dog has a particular area of his or her body that is sore or hurt and someone touches that spot repeatedly, the dog may be in enough pain to snap at the person in order to get them to stop so he or she can recover.

Contact a personal injury attorney immediately if you discover that your dog has bitten someone in order to begin preparing your defense and to try to avoid having to put your dog down. An attorney can attempt to accomplish this by proving that your dog only bit for an understandable and acceptable reason, such as being provoked, in pain, or afraid.