Make Sure You Get Paid For Your Workers Comp Claim

If you've been injured as a result of doing your job or while at your place of employment, you should be eligible to file a workers compensation claim. In most cases, employers have this insurance plan in place for exactly this reason. When you file your claim, there are several items you'll need to take care of to ensure that you get paid and get the compensation you deserve.

Don't Wait

Do not wait a week or even a day after you've been hurt on the job. You should notify your employer immediately when you've been injured so they can start the claims process. Claims can be denied if there is a waiting period between the time you were injured and the time it was reported, so do not wait. In most states, you are given thirty days to report or file your claim, but you stand a better chance of getting compensated if you report the issue as soon as possible.

Get Treatment

Your employer may require you get a drug test as soon as you report your injury. If drugs are found in your system, the claim will most likely be denied and you could lose your job. No matter what happens, you should get medical treatment as soon as you can. Some employers refer injured employees to doctor's offices that they've authorized, so go wherever they recommend. No matter what, you need to make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible to begin the treatment process or else you may not get compensated. 

Keep Good Records

If there were any witnesses to your injury, ask if they can write down a statement explaining what happened. You should also write down your own account of the accident and give your employer a copy. Be sure to include the date and time as well as a detailed explanation of what you were doing when you got hurt. The location of the accident is also important as well as any equipment you were using (if any) when the injury happened. Providing a good record will help move the claims process along, and by writing it down you will cover all details in case you need to refer to them later.

Consider A Lawyer

If your employer or their insurance company is dragging their feet when it comes to paying your claim, you may want to hire a workers compensation lawyer like Shoap Law Offices. They specialize in dealing directly with the insurance companies to help peoples' claims get approved. Your lawyer may be able to find out what is causing the delay or why your claim is being denied and assist you with getting an appeal or speeding up the approval process.