Things That Can Ruin Your Chances Of Getting Approved For Social Security Disability

If you are no longer able to work due to a physical or mental condition, you want to get approved for Social Security Disability benefits. While you may think this is a simple thing to do, since you are in fact disabled, there is actually much more to the process than you may realize. There are a lot of steps involved in the process, as well as many things you can accidentally due to ruin your chances of being approved. Learn about some common mistakes you can make that will destroy your chances of getting disability below, so you can avoid doing those things.

Going against your claim: If you are filing a claim based on an injury that limits your ability to perform many of your regular daily duties, then don't do anything you are claiming you can't do. Even if you find yourself caught without help, be careful. While you may struggle to do something you shouldn't and it may really hurt, an investigator who catches you in the act can destroy your case.

Collecting unemployment: When you file for Social Security Disability, you are claiming you are unable to actively work. When you file for unemployment, you are claiming you are ready and able to work. Since these two things seriously contradict one another, claiming both at the same time can damage your chances of getting approved for Social Security Disability.

Making too much money: If you are still working, you need to be careful not to make over the amount allowed by Social Security. The amount a person can make while applying for, or receiving benefits, is $1090.

Not providing complete information: When the Social Security Disability Office is considering your case, they will go through your file with a fine tooth comb. You want to give them as much proof of your case as possible. Make sure all the doctors you have seen are included in your file, along with documentation for every time you have gone to a walk-in clinic or emergency room for treatment. Any time your condition changes, you want to be sure you have it added to your file.

You should be aware that getting approved for benefits can be a long and difficult process. Obtaining a Social Security attorney can really increase your chances of getting approved for benefits. Many people get denied the first time around and having an attorney on your case can help you avoid this.