Need Proof You Were An Auto Accident Victim? There Could Have Been Many Eyes Watching

Were you badly injured in an automobile accident, but there was no one there to prove the other driver was the cause of the auto collision? You could have images or recordings of the accident and you don't even know it. You'll want to call a personal injury attorney to start working on your case fast if you are worried about medical bills and other expenses, and if you have injuries that could be long term. You may have to go for a settlement for financial security to deal with the injuries. Here are a few other things that may have recorded the accident.

Stop Lights

Stop lights have cameras in many locations, and the authorities use the cameras to see if someone was driving through the red light. Some machines even take photos and send people tickets if they are guilty of driving on red. You may be able to use the camera or photographs from the stop light to show the other driver was in the wrong.

ATM Machines

Did you know that when you swing through the bank to take out some cash, your actions have often been recorded by a camera in the ATM machine? This is to help the bank catch thieves if someone uses the ATM machine illegally, but it also may have caught your fender bender. Have the lawyer look around the area for an ATM machine to see if it could have possibly filmed the accident. These cameras have helped with criminal cases before.

Business Surveillance Cameras

Any of the businesses in the area may have a video surveillance system that reaches the street that you were on, so it could have filmed your entire accident. Your lawyer will have to contact all of the businesses to see if they are willing to let your legal team go through the tapes and use them in court. Not all business' keep old footage, so you have to act fast if you think a camera could help your case.

As soon as you call your lawyer, tell them what happened, how there was no blame assigned or that you were wrongly cited, and tell them that you want to check for video footage. They will get their team looking into the different cameras in the area that could have the evidence that you need to prove your case, and this is the evidence you'll need to get the settlement. Every day you wait, you risk losing more important evidence for your legal team. If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you, consider contactting a firm like Sarkisian, Sarkisian & Associates PC.