Consulting With An Injury Attorney: How To Prove Your Case Has Merit

Personal injury attorneys will typically work on a contingency basis. This means that the only way they get paid is if they win their client's cases. Consequently, it is extremely important for these attorneys to only take on cases that have merit. As a result, you will find that injury attorneys may choose to turn down your case if you are unable to prove its merit during your initial consultation. Thankfully, you can help to prevent this from happening by taking just a few minutes to gather some important documentation prior to the date of your consultation.

Police/Accident Report

Car insurance companies traditionally rely on police reports to help determine which driver is liable for causing an accident. This is done using the responding officer's account of the accident scene, including any physical evidence that was found which may point to the cause of the accident.

Just as an insurance company can use a police report to try and prove you are liable for causing an accident, they can also use these reports to try and dispute liability. Consequently, injury attorneys will often rely on these reports to help them predict any possible problems proving liability in your case.

Medical Records/Doctor's Statement

It is essential that you are able to prove the extent of your injuries, and that these injuries occurred as a result of your car accident. Providing your injury attorney like one at Kuzyk Law with a copy of your medical records can help you to accomplish this goal.

When providing medical documentation, be sure to include information regarding any immediate medical care you received after the accident, as well as any ongoing care you have been receiving. If the accident resulted in the worsening of an existing condition, you will also need to provide documentation regarding the severity of your condition prior to the accident.

If you have yet to fully recover from your injuries, you will need to provide a statement from your doctor outlining the care that you still require. This statement should also indicate whether or not you are expected to make a full recovery and how long it is expected to take before the recovery process is complete.

Witness Statements/Contact Info

Witness statements can help to shine a light on exactly what happened in the moments leading up to your accident. These statements will be especially important if the insurance company is contesting liability in your case.

If you were unable to collect statements from the witnesses at your accident scene, be sure to provide the injury attorney with any information you may have that will allow them to contact these witnesses themselves.